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Prevention, early detection, and state-of-the-art therapy

A mindful and healthy life can prevent many diseases. At the current time, many top performers cannot constantly pay attention to their health. This makes the early detection of diseases and syndromes that can be treated well with optimal therapy all the more important. Being overweight, having diabetes and smoking have dire consequences, especially if you do not have the best medical care.

The Center for Internal Medicine specializes in prevention and diagnostics. The team of doctors includes cardiologists, gastroenterologists, hepatologists, and lung specialists. In addition, there are specializations in hypertensiology (high blood pressure), lipidology (cholesterol and fat), and allergies. CheckUp medicine is as diverse as the individual people we care for. The modules of the check-up programs are selected according to the patient‘s requirements and underlying diseases. There are special programs for smokers (smokers check) and liver diseases (fatty liver, alcoholics) or allergy sufferers (asthma check).

Gastroscopy and colonoscopy are offered daily and can be easily integrated into all packages. All packages can be offered on an outpatient basis (with accommodation in first-class hotels) or as an inpatient at the MediaPark Clinic (premiumplus Check). In the case of sleep disorders or suspected sleep apnea (obstructive breathing disorder), one night is spent in the sleep laboratory.

  • Internal Medicine Specialist
  • Prevention Medicine
  • Lipidology
  • Hypertensiology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Hepatology
  • Smokers Prevention Care
  • Sleep & Insomnia Team
Your doctor

Dr Dhaksanan Thiruchittampalam

Specialist in internal medicine

Dr Dhaksanan Thiruchittampalam is a specialist in internal medicine specialising in gastroenterology and hepatology. Furthermore, he is additionally qualified in the field of medicinal tumour therapy. Together with Dr Brünsing, Dr Thiruchittampalam has been operating the MediaPark Klinik practice for internal medicine since May 2020.

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Your doctor

Dr Jan Brünsing

Specialist in internal medicine, nutritional medicine, lipidology (DGFF), hypertensiology (DHL)

Dr Jan Brünsing is a specialist in internal medicine and, together with Dr Dhaksanan Thiruchittampalam, has been operating the MediaPark Klinik practice for internal medicine since May 2020. He completed his medical training at the University Hospital RWTH Aachen and at Cologne’s city hospitals.

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